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Thursday, June 29, 2006

with the heads of their guards

The king and queen were
forced to go b
with the heads of their guards
who had been massacred
in the chateau.
Their heads had been cut off.
This is really
a completely unbridledriec
the heads were then made u
with makeup and paraded
at the head of the cortege
with the king and queen

The king and queen
must me their new homene
in the tuileries palace.
They will never see versailles

Once the royal family moves
to paris, they are
the prisoners of paris.
They knothit.
Everybody else know it.
There are great limi
to what they can do
or even dream of doing.
They are the prisoners
of the capital city.
There's no doubt.

is abandoned, and the semblymoveto pveis. P
power is now with the people.
France will have democracy,
new laws.
And a remarkable
and unforgiving form of justice
will make its debut
on the revolutionary stage:
The guillotine.
)[The image weto

May 1791.
Nearly two years have passed
since the royal family?
And the national assembly
have moved to paris.
Robespierre appears frequently
at the assembly
and at the jacobin club,
a debating society named
for the former jacobin monastery
where they gather.
Now words are the very core
of the revolution,
and robespierre speaks
with an unfailing moral compass.
His true north
is always the people.
He soon earns the nickname
the incorruptible.
France is now
a constitutional monarchy,
the king forced to share power
with the revolutionaries
in the assembly.
But it seems louis' share
is growing smaller by the day
as he is forced to sign law
after law diminishing
his own authority and that
of the other great feudal
regime, the catholic church.
Louis decides the time has come
to escape the confines
of the new republic
and mount a campaign
to reclaim his kingdom.

Louis had decided by 1791
that he needed to regain control
of his country.
And he knew he could only
do that with the help
of a foreign army.
So the idea was to make a break
from the tuileries palace
and to head
for the nearest border.

June 21, 1791.
The king and queen
disguise themselves as servants
and, by cover of darkness,
slip out from under
the watchful eye of paris.
They make an ill-planned run
for freedom.
It is long past midnight
when the royal family arrives
in the small town of varennes
some 100 miles east of paris.
They are close to the border
of austria, safety just
a few miles away.
But their dash to freedom
will go no further.


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