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Friday, July 14, 2006

And the sansculottes went

et la patrie est sauvéE."
"Boldness, more boldness,
forever boldness,
and the fatherland is saved."
He's really one of the people
who manages to rally the country
against the invaders.
It's an extraordinary moment.

With so many
able-bodied men leaving
for the front,l en
paris is lrit defenseless,
its jails bursting
with political prisoners.
An unsettling fear floods
the city.
The growing mass of prisoners
may be impy to contain.
Marat puts out
a bloodthirsty call
for revolutionary citizens
to descend upon the prisons
and slaughter all inside.

The foreign armies
were advancing on paris.
Had they linked up in paris
with these bitter enemies
of the revolution
and the prisoners, of course,
then the results would have been
fairly horrific from
the standpoint of the people.

In the first week
of september, disastrous news
arrives from the front.
Prussia has taken verdun,
a town on the road to paris.
The enemy is now
just miles away.
The fear gripping paris
into the prisons and unleash
a furious assault
on the city's inmates.
They will leave no traitor

And the sansculottes went
to the prisons, particularly
the prisons where refractory
priests were being held,
where nobles were being held,
where political prisoners
were being held.
And they started carrying out
their own impromptu trials
that were very short
and that very often
simply ended with slaughter.


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