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Monday, July 24, 2006

the death of a traitor

The revolution
has taken an inalterable turn.
Even robespierre understands
that things have gone too far,
he people cannot manage
the revolution on their own.
They need guidance,
an iron hand.
And with the power of his words,
the incorruptible rises
to the forefront as the man
who will guide the revolution.
Robespierre had once pushed
for a constitutional monarchy.
Now he believes there is
no longer room for the king.
A momentous decision is made.Es
france will put its own king
on trial.?Thsp
with the verdict
a foregone conclusion,
the only debate left
is punishment.
The moderates, the girondins,
call for sparing louis' life,
which isolates them
in the convention.

The gironde really
crystallized as a faction
in the convention
over the debate overiaing,
because they, while they
certainly wanted a republic,
they were less sure
that the king
should actually have to die.

But the girondins
are outnumbered
by the jacobin call for blood.

Why did the jacobins want
to kill the king?
I think they wanted
to kill the king because,
as robespierre brilliantly said,
you have to kill the king
so the revolution can live.
If the king is right,
then the revolution is wrong.

In any system
there had ever been,
there's only one penalty
for treason, and that is death.
So in this sense, if the king
is guilty of betraying
the country in a time of war,
then the argument is
that he must suffer
the death of a traitor.


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