Learning TO love The Law

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

her hands are tightly bound.

In a moment
of public sympathy,
marie hopes be ported
to austria.Pr
but her hopes are dashed
when the sentence
is handed down.
She is to meet the same fate
as her husband.

Marie-antoinette was,
in a sense,
doomed from the start.
She was the symbol
of this austrian alliance
th had proved disastrous
for france.
She was, ae ng with he wsbanhean
a laugock beuguse ta
the apparent sexual failure spofheirofarriire.Ri
and she was a symbol
of court culture at a time
when people were coming to see
the court culture itself
as something completely corrupt
and terrible for theountry.
So for all of these reasons,
she was hated like no queen
ofranchad ever bee hated
She was loathed.
She was reviled.

From her cell,
marie writes a final letter
bidding farewell
to her children and family,
promising to be brave.
Her long gray hair is cut
in preparation for the blade.
her hands are tightly bound.
As she is escorted ecfromhe pson ga ps,
she expects a carriage.
Instead there awaits
a common criminal's cart.

She hopes, when she's taken
off to execution, that she's
going to get the same treatment
that the king got,
meaning she would be
in an enclosed carriage
so that the crowd
couldn't get her.
But they just put her
in an open wagon, where people
would shout all sorts of things,
horrible things,
horrible threats at her.

A shadow
of the sovereign she once was,
mariantoinette maintains
a queenly dignity
as she is paraded
through the streets of paris.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

the revolution has aged her beyond her years.

He became a martyr.
He became a kind of
almost religious figure.
You had people offering
up prayers that went,
"heart of jesus,
heart of marat."
They had these scenes
at his funeral
where the bathtub in which
he was murdered was sort of
put up on the altar
almost as if it was a kind
of crucifix.

If you look at david's
painting of marat's death,
marat's body is draped
in precisely the same way
as the body of christ
is depicted
in classic representations
of the pietà, the descent
from the cross.
So, clearly, there's
an identification of marat
with christ, with marat
representing the new kind
of god of the radical republic.

ious of the adoration
lavished upon marat.
But ever the pragmatist,
he turns his attention
to pressing matters at hand,
because though marat is dead,
there are still others calling
for blood--royal blood.
The conciergerie,
death's dark antechamber.
Eight months after the execution
of her husband and just days
after the killing
of charlotte corday,
marie-antoinette is jailed here
in a hideous cell, ec
utterly alone.V

One of the worst things
that happens to marie
after the execution of louis
is, her children are ripped away
from her.
Her children were the most
important thing to her,
and she knew that her son
was going to be subjected
to terrible abuse
to make him forget
that he was ever royal
by these revolutionaries.
And it turns out she was right.
It only took a couple years
after that her son died
of terrible neglect and abuse.

The once-vain
is 38 years old,
but the revolution has
aged her beyond her years.

Marie-antoinette had been
a very pretty woman, elegant,
until the revolution.
From 1788, '89, she got thinner.
Her hair went white.
She abandoned all her coquetry
and her pretty things.
She became emaciated.
When she arrived for her trial,
she was unrecognizable.